zhoumi: do you like children?

suga: yeah, i like them.

This type of daddy.. I just can’t…

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every clothing is pajamas to min yoongi except suits

okay yoongi okay…

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Anon or not, make me choose between:

  • Show: _______ or ________ ?
  • Character: ________ or _________ ?
  • Pairing: _________ or _________ ?
  • Anything: ________ or _________ ?

Represent Starlight Thoughts:
"Leo Looks Happier This Comeback :)"

I’m happy and sad at the same time! Happy that he is accepting the happy world! Sad that we wont be able to see much of awkward taek!

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"When it’s time for me to have my own family, more than anything I want to make it a family that is overflowing with love. Because I believe that no matter where you look, anywhere in the world, there’s nothing that can replace family. They’re an important presence that will always be by my side no matter what happens, and I think you have to have love at the centre of that. Also, for the kids to not feel lonely, I think it would be nice to be able to live together as a family, in a happy atmosphere. I’m not really someone that’s good at doing romantic things, and I don’t know if I can become a cool husband to my wife, like you see in dramas, but I want to become a husband that my wife can trust, rely on, and depend on. To my son I want to be a father that’s like friend, easy going and approachable. To my daughter I want to be a father that is caring, kind, and sensitive. I want to help raise my kids so they are happy and are able to find what they really want to do. Like me, who started doing music, struggled during adolescence but overcame it, and who is now able to stand here." — Daehyun (©)

B.A.P members would be the best husbands and fathers!

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Yongguk Quotes


"I have a Twin Hyung. Our body structures are similar, our height is similar, our voices are similar too"- Yongguk


"Sometimes, I find it fascinating that I have a Twin Brother"- Yongguk



Aigoo!!!!!!! xD

Aigoo!!!!!!! xD

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I really need to sleep as I have a major exam tmr but I’m still here reading B.A.P scenario

I can’t explain my feels on how close I saw Zelo….

Just had a Hi-five session with B.A.P here in Singapore! Ho my god! Words can’t explain how happy I am to see them up-close!

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